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OnPage SEO Strategies

Onpage SEO Strategies are the techniques, configurations and improvements that are done on the website directly to achieve a higher page ranking in search results. With On Page SEO strategies, one must have direct access to the website so as to effect search engine improvements. Some of the essential Onpage SEO techniques include;

OnPage SEO


It is important to ensure all your website content including text , videos and images are original, relevant to target readers and of high quality. Search engines especially Google will rank content that is helpful to users higher in search engine results page. All non text content should be accompanied by a description to enable search engines understand what they are all about. More importantly, ensure your website does not have plagiarized content as it will not be indexed by search engines and it may be penalized or even blacklisted.

Your content must make use of both short and long tail keywords which should be placed naturally in content and not overstuffed. To properly identify the keywords to use, it is essential to undertake a detailed keyword research. As much as you have to ensure your content is optimized, it is important to write it naturally for human readers and not for search engines bots.

Page Titles, Descriptions and Formatting

Page titles, descriptions and formatting are very important in helping search engines identify and understand pages in your website. Ensure all your pages have unique and relevant titles with the main keyword included. This will make your pages user friendly to users while also helping search engine bots understand them.

All your content must have a summary description of less than 150 words. Even though this description has no role in improving website ranking, they are displayed below search results and will likely convince users to click on your page.

Your pages should also be formatted correctly with (H1) headings and (H2) sub-headings and images described using the ALT tag. Content should also be easy to read and properly formatted into short paragraphs with important facts in the text underlined, in bold or italics.

URL Structure

All the URLs in your website have to be properly structured and optimized. They should have less than 255 characters and well labeled with hyphens separating the words. Additionally, all your pages should be grouped into categories to assist users and search engines bots easily navigate through them. Employing the use of bread crumbs is also essential as it will facilitate easy navigation and enable users know where they are with regard to your site.

To help search engines index your pages easily and faster, you should create a sitemap.

Internal Linking

Even though most web owners concentrate on getting external links, internal linking is one of the important Onpage SEO Strategies that will help improve your site’s ranking. With internal links

· You will be able to tell search engines which pages are important as the more a page is linked, search engines will view it as being important

· Assist search engines discover pages that had not been discovered

· Helps users stay more on your site thus reducing bounce rate and increasing chances of conversion